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Expand the boundaries of what you believe is possible 

and fall in love with life.

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This Is A Transformational, Healing and Profound Life Changing Retreat 

7 nights, 8 days

January 22-29, 2021

Cancun, Mexico

This Is Not Just Another

Ayahuasca Retreat

The Sacred Eos Journey Retreat is a 7 night, all inclusive, deep dive immersion that will not only open your heart, it will clear repressed energy and provide great clarity around answers you seek for yourself and your journey. You'll learn how to translate the wisdom you receive from the sacred plant medicine teachers into your everyday life, so you can move forward with purpose into a new paradigm of your awakening.  Leave this experience with a feeling of rebirth and a newfound connection to your heart, oneness and love.

This Retreat Is For You If

  • you seek personal growth and deep healing

  • you seek to fulfill your purpose and destiny

  • you want to open your heart in ways you didn't know existed

  • you want to unlock inner blocks that hold you back in life

  • you suffer from loneliness, depression, anxiety, stress or addiction issues

  • life feels mundane and you feel that you don't have a purpose

  • you want to expand your consciousness and life on all levels

  • you want a better understanding of your ancestry and how it affects you 

  • you want to raise your vibration

The Retreat Center

The Xochipilli Retreat Center is a tranquil jungle oasis located in Cancun, Quintana Roo, far from the distractions of the busy daily city grind. Xochipilli is not only a retreat center, it is a soothing and healing energy where your spirit or soul can truly rest.  People from around the world have traveled here to treat their illnesses or situations that have made their soul sick.  Surrounded by nature and lush gardens, the center offers an on site kitchen where each meal is prepared from scratch with local, fresh ingredients. The accommodations offer working spaces to journal about your experiences while there. The grounds have a private garden, a refreshing pool and relaxing hammocks under beautiful tree's.   Xochipilli is like a spa for the soul.  We provide your airport transfers so you can get your resting soul mode on as soon as you land in the beautiful healing energies of the Yucatan.



The bungalows each have two double beds, a ceiling fan over each bed and a full bathroom with a shower.

All rooms have meditation cushions with blankets. The mother house is where everyone eats together both indoors and out on the patio, also has two bedrooms that both share a large bathroom. The bungalows have working spaces to journal about your experiences during retreat. Bathrooms are also located in the mother house and around the pool next to the maloca, which is the sacred ceremonial structure used for the ceremonies, movement classes, soundbaths and more. The center also has free wifi although we recommend you do your best in disconnecting from the grind of the matrix and technology so you can receive the maximum value in your intention to heal and transform.

Unlock your Potential And  Uplevel Your Consciousness

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