Our Promise To You

Our core values are integrity, truth, clear communication and responsible conscious consumption of sacred plant medicines.



You will be supported by a highly experienced team of professional leaders and guides. Together we have over a decade of experience working with all of the healing modalities and medicines offered.


We know how incredibly important it is to receive in-depth support throughout your process. Our team will be fully present to guide and support you on this life-changing journey at all times.



Your safety before, during and after the retreat is our highest priority.
It's incredibly important to us that you feel safe, comfortable, respected and supported through this transformational process.
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Your Sacred Eos Journey Leaders

Kait Boehm

Kait will channel your personal ancestral Akashic Records reading and lead the Multidimensional Soundbath Journeys before each Ayahuasca ceremony, along with helping you to integrate your learnings. Kait is a Self Love and Confidence Coach that clears your subconscious blocks holding you back from manifesting all you desire in life. She has dedicated herself to empowering others to unleash their divine essence and to reconnect to their innate, inner peace and confidence. Helping others heal themselves and moving them through their personal struggles is not only her passion, but her natural born gift. Kait has trained in several healing modalities that will  be used throughout the retreat.

Arturo Lopez

The Ayahuasca and Kambo ceremonies are led by Arturo Lopez, an Ayahuasquero, or facilitator of medicine. The era we now live in does not lead you to evolve, or respond to the call to find your purpose or your direction in life.  Arturo uses a combination of Amazonian medicines, techniques and therapies, as well as, Mexican and Indian traditions to reconnect the mind, body and soul. To free us from our limitations, to find one's truth, to be able to live in harmony.  Arturo is a very wise teacher that leads the group integrations. He is beyond dedicated to his work and has one of the purest hearts out there, so we are all in the best of hands when working with him. Arturo is also an incredibly gifted musician that sings and plays with other extremely talented musicians throughout each ceremony.

Anna Rodriguez

Anna will sit with you one on one to help you integrate and process your experience. She will teach you integration techniques and practices that you can use as you continue to embark on your healing and spiritual path. Anna is an entrepreneur, intuitive life coach, and Usui Reiki master. She has been working one on one with clients as well as leading women’s circles that inspire and empower women to step into their greatness. She is committed to helping others remove blocks that are holding them back from living their best life now.

It is our intention to provide life changing experiences that heal and re-align you back to your innate divine state;

mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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